3D Rest Mask

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Enjoy better rest and feel more comfortable.

The time of rest and, especially, the time of sleep are important to have a better quality of life. External stimuli can interrupt this moment. An excellent response to reduce these stimuli is our 3D Rest Mask, which promotes comfort and a significant reduction of light.

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Quality in sleep, quality in life.

With the 3D Rest Mask, you can rest in any environment without worrying about clarity and discomfort. It has a comfortable material that provides the relaxation you need for your hours of sleep.

The 3D Sleep Mask is different…

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Ergonomic design

It does not put pressure on the eyes, perfectly following the contours and curves of the face.

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Adjustable face strap

Rear adjustment of the mask with velcro that adapts to any size of face.

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Superior quality of fabric

Fabric that blocks all light allowing you to fall asleep in places with higher luminosity.

Satisfied customers all over the world

Highly recommend this product, I especially enjoy using it on trips because it's more comfortable. It fits well on the face and doesn't cause any discomfort.

Crystal B.


Great to use, the adjustment allowed it to fit perfectly even with my large head, it cancels out light well and the comfort is priceless.

Richard M.


It took a few days to arrive but the quality is high, I usually get annoyed with masks during the night and take them off, this one is different because it fits perfectly.

Bella W.


Frequent Questions

It is made of polyester.

It measures approximately 23x9 cm.

No, the 3D shape is designed to allow the user to open and close their eyes without touching their lashes.


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30 days money back guarantee.

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