Plum: health benefits and virtues


The plum or Prunus domestica belongs to the Rosaceae family. This delicate fruit with its smooth skin is to be enjoyed during the summer period.

Its tree, the plum tree can reach 5 to 6 meters high, it appreciates sunny lands.

The Regions PACA , Midi-Pyrénées and Rhône Alpes   supply France with plums.

We all know the famous Reine-claude but there are, however, many other varieties of plums of various colours such as the mirabelle plum (yellow), the quetsche (blue) or the d’Ente and many more.
This delicious sweet fruit is a gold mine. For our plates as well as for our skin and our health.

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The plum, for the record  

Today the origin of the plum is not yet clear. Some say that it comes from Asia.

It is known, however, that the plum arrived in France during the Middle Ages.   And it was during the Renaissance that she was appreciated.

Claude de France, one of Francis I’s wives, was particularly fond of plums, hence the name of the variety “Reine Claude”.

The plum has traveled a lot. Indeed, plum stones have been found on archaeological sites. In addition, the Egyptians deposited dried plums in the pyramid tombs.

Plum was also widely cultivated in Syria, where the Crusaders were arrested. Legend has it that they only brought back plum trees from their journey, thus the expression “going for plums” was born.

The plum and its benefits and virtues 

> The plum, the friend of our transit  :

Very rich in fiber, plum is a powerful laxative . Ideal in case of constipations and intestinal disorders to speed up transit.

Its dried fruit, the prune, is also highly recommended to purify the digestive tract.

Recommendation: To regulate your transit, eat two to four prunes every morning.

Plum is also a very good diuretic . Gorged with water at 83%, it hydrates and reduces urinary disorders and allows the return of urination.

> Plums are very good for the heart.  :

They regulate blood pressure, thanks to the presence of potassium . But they also reduce bad cholesterol levels, for the well-being of our arteries.
So the plums limit the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases .

Eat plums or prunes to make full of antioxidants  :

Indeed they are rich in anti-oxidants, protecting our cells from the damage caused by free radicals: the development of cancerous cells, premature aging of the skin and cells.

Indication: drink prune juice.

The sportsmen love it. The plum is a real source of energy. zest . However, diabetics, don’t overdo it. The plum remains very sweet and the prune even sweeter.

It is recommended to eat plums in case of anemia and great fatigue.

Plums provide you with interesting amounts of vitamins. A, B, C and E  to stimulate your memory and the defence of your organism. As well as many indispensable minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

It is recommended to eat plum and prune in case of constipation , fatigue , fitness activity to strengthen the osseous density and avoid the osteoporosis ,

Plum in the kitchen 

Caloric intake of the plum : 46 to 60 kcal/ 100 g depending on the variety.

His lipid intake is reasonable: 0.28 g / 100 g  while his contribution in carbohydrate is more important (9.6g per 100g).

Plum is also rich in potassium, vitamin C and B9 and Beta-carotene.

The plum, this delicious sweet fruit can be eaten both raw and cooked.

Plums make excellent jams and compotes.

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But also very good pies . (Clever gardening tip to remove any acidity: line your shortbread dough with as much flour as sugar).

We also like plums in fruit salads, in clafoutis, in crumbles.

Prunes go very well with your meats or in the famous Lamb Tajine.

> I greedy deities :

Brown some plums over low heat. Add vanilla sugar and slivered almonds. Serve as desired, cold or hot with cottage cheese.

Prune Roast  Carve your roast. Place a slice of hamburger cheese between each slice of meat.   And put some prunes in your dish before putting it in the oven.

As an aperitif, sweet and savoury prune skewers  : alternate on a mini skewer, Bayonne ham with a square of melon and half a prune.

The plum and its beauty tricks  :

We also like plum for its virtues in cosmetology.

The astringent properties of plums help close dilated skin pores and restore radiance to your skin.

Clever gardening tip: Crush plums without the skin and apply the resulting puree to your clean face. Leave on and rinse off after about 20 minutes.

For a skin without imperfections: apply plum juice to your face by dabbing with a cotton pad and rinse.

The clever plum advice 

Keep the plums   :
This fragile fruit does not keep very long. Consume it quickly.

To increase their shelf life, keep them in the refrigerator crisper in a cool place.

  • Did you know that  ? The prune is simply a plum, a type of Ente, dried, quenched. However, it is sweeter. But has the same virtues as the plum.

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