Pink Radish: health benefits and virtues


The  red radish   (Raphanus sativus)  is a small annual plant native to Europe and South Asia that belongs to the Brassicaceae family. Low in calories, refreshing, it is source of vitamins B and C and offers many health benefits and virtues.

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Pink Radish and its Health Benefits

  • Rich in vitamins C and B9 in fibres in  potassium and in magnesium red radishes contribute to the proper functioning of the immunity system and the neural system . They help reduce the fatigue protect the cells against oxidant stress and contribute to the prevention of some cancers .
  • The sulphur compounds of the radish, which give them that little pungent taste,  stimulate the appetite .
  • Choose young radishes that are less loaded with sulphur compounds.
  • Red radish is recommended to facilitate digestions slow, to remedy the aerophagia and to  flatulence.
  • Fresh radish slices relieve  sunburns  and the  erythema .

Growing radish for its benefits

To grow red radish, a  warm and sunny exposure  is necessary. They need a  fresh and rich soil, furniture even sandy and well drained .

  • Beware of slugs and to snails who love radish seedlings.
  • The cabbage maggot  is attacking their roots.

Red radishes behave perfectly well in a 25 cm pot of depth.  

> Clarify  your plant otherwise the roots won’t grow. The radish likes to have a well-drained, even sandy soil.

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Red radish in the kitchen for its benefits

radis sante They are consumed  raw “à la croque-au-sel”. with other crudités or  grated  and they’re better when they’re just picked up.

Radish tops are bursting with iron, vitamins and nutrients: enjoy in salad associated with other sheets, in radish top soup …or just chew them.

Nutrient Intakes

Low calorie  (13 kcal/100 g) radishes are rich in  vitamin C  and in  mineral salts  (potassium, sulphur and fibre for transit).

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