Geranium: benefits and virtues for health

geranium robertianum

Geranium is an ornamental plant that also offers many health benefits and virtues.

The geranium Herb   Robert or geranium robertianum is an annual or biennial plant usually found in hedges and rubble.

The geranium reaches a height of 30-40 cm, it is native to France and Europe and belongs to the Geraniaceae family.

Geranium Robert’s Herb, for the record.

The Robert geranium was rented by a 17th century doctor, Sennert.

According to him, geranium fights sterility and uterine cancer.

Robert’s Geranium Herb and its Health Benefits

  • You suffer from diarrhoea or uterine bleeding ? The geranium, astringent and antispasmodic …can make you feel better.
  • Another benefit: Geranium would be anti-diabetic it reduces the presence of sugar.
  • For external use, geranium is used in gargle against angina s, the tonsil inflammations in lotion for eye diseases from time to time in poultices in the milky engorgement of the breasts and to promote the wound healing .
  • The fresh leaves chopped up relieve the skin irritations and treat injuries and cuttings .

Did you know that?

> Internal use :

Geranium infusion: 20-25 g of flowering tops or 40-50 g of dried plant per litre of boiled water. Leave in contact for 20 minutes and drink 3 or 4 cups a day. In case of diarrhoea or anti-diabetic .

> External use :

Geranium gargle Against angina, you can use the same infusion (or a slightly more concentrated decoction) in gargle.

Geranium poultices: apply against wounds the suc or poultices of crushed plant .

L’ Robert’s Herb essential oil has antiseptic virtues.

Growing Geranium Herb Robert for its benefits

The geranium is planted in the shadow or to semi-shade in good soil drained , humiferous even sec and poor .

Origin of the word “geranium”

The word “geranium” comes from Latin. visit “red”… because the leaves of this delicate geranium turn red at the end of the season.

It also has a rather unpleasant odour, which has earned it the nickname in Britain of “…”  stinking Bob  ” – “Bob-who-stinks,” Bon being short for Robert.

As for the name of the genus, it comes from the Greek geranos, “crane”  The fruits of the geraniums evoke the long beak of the bird.

In fact, the geraniums on our balconies are pelargoniums, from the Greek… pelargos, “stork” for the same reason.

> Gardening: how to grow the geranium on our balconies

  Robert’s potted geranium herb?

The cultivation of potted geraniums is quite possible…

Beware of little beasts!

Nothing serious to report on that front. The geranium is spared from enemies and diseases.

Blandine Merlin