Whiteflies: Treatment and control of whiteflies


The whitefly, also known as whitefly, is a tiny insect that can be found on all plants, especially :

hibiscus, geranium, chelidoine, fuchsia and some vegetables from the vegetable garden like a tomato.

After forming a large colony under the leaves, these insects suck the sap from it and cause it to die off. This also makes the leaves sticky and causes the formation of fumagine.

A large invasion can threaten the life of the plant.

Conditions for the development of whitefly

Greenhouse cultivation and high temperatures are the main causes of whitefly intrusion on plants.

How to control whitefly?

Traditional means such as insecticides or aphid control can be effective even if they only act on the adult form and not on the eggs. In this case, treat for 2 to 3 weeks at 3 day intervals.

Look out! These products are often harmful to the air you breathe.

Organic treatments against whitefly

Set whitefly traps. You will find a sticky solution in the Garden Centre that you can apply to a yellow surface because this colour attracts them.

Some predatory insects can help eliminate them. This is the case with Encarsia Formosa, a small wasp that lays its eggs inside the larvae or Macrolophus Caliginosus, a green bug that feeds on these parasites.

Do not use inside a house.

You can finally spray an insecticidal soap based on permethrin. In all cases, isolate infected individuals in a cool room, as they need heat to grow.

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