Virginia Tulipwood: pruning and maintenance


The tulip tree is a magnificent tree, renowned for the quality of its foliage, especially in autumn.

It thus takes on surprising shades as shown by the yellow of its leaves from the first cold days.

In summary, what you need to know is:

Name  : Liriodendron tulipifera
Family  Magnoliacs
Type  : Tree

 15 to 40 m
Climate  : Hot tempered
Exhibition  : Sunny
Sol  : Ordinary to rich

 Null and void
Flowering  : May-June-July depending on the climate

Planting of the tulip tree

It is recommended to plant the tulip tree in early autumn to encourage rooting before winter.

If possible, add a mulching at the base of the tree and water generously.

Size of the tulip tree

No particular size is recommended.

About the tulip tree

The tulip tree owes its name to the shape of its flowers, but although it is a member of the magnolias it does not reach the same brilliance.

See below the photo of a beautiful tulip tree flower.