Veronique Arbustive, Hebe: planting, pruning and care tips

veronique arbustive

The shrubby speedwell offers spectacular flowering and beautiful foliage.

In summary, what you need to know is:

Name  Hebe
Family  Scrofularia
Type  : Shrub

 30 to 150 cm
Exhibition  : Sunny and semi-shade
Sol  : Ordinary

 : Persistent
Flowering  : Spring, summer

Maintenance, from planting to pruning, should help you to encourage the appearance of these wonderful floral spikes.

Planting of the shrubby speedwell

Hebe veronique arbustive Prefer a planting of the shrubby speedwell in the fall to promote rooting before winter and a better recovery the following spring…

Planting outside the fall period is quite possible for subjects purchased in pots or containers.

  • For planting, avoid periods of frost in winter and high heat in summer.
  • Water regularly if planting in spring or early summer.

Always choose a sunny and sheltered location because the shrub speedwell fears heavy frost.

Shrubby Speedwell tolerates semi-shade.

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Shrubby speedwell cutting :

The quickest and easiest way to multiply your shrubby Speedwell is by cutting.

  • Cutting of the shrubby speedwell takes place at the end of summer.
  • Take cuttings from semi-hardened stems, i.e. shoots of the year that have not yet fully hardened.
  • Delete the bottom sheets to keep only 1 or 2 layers at the top.
  • Soak the base in cuttings hormone powder.
  • Place your cuttings in a special cutting soil, in the light but without direct sunlight.
  • Keep the substrate moist and protect the cuttings in winter by keeping them frost-free.

Maintenance of the shrubby speedwell

Shrub speedwell thrives best in mild climates, especially in winter. It is easy to maintain, especially when it is well installed.

veronique arbustive - Hebe Remove wilted flowers by cutting off the stem under the inflorescence as you go. This will stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

If necessary, you can also turn down the lights in early spring.

In severe frost If you are not careful, your Shrub Speedwell may be affected and some of the foliage may turn brown and fail to regrow and then die.
Well, in that case, delete all parts that have frozen to stimulate the appearance of new shoots.

In winter, a mulching on the ground to protect the roots from frost.

About the shrubby speedwell

veronique arbustive - Hebe The shrubby speedwell offers a very interesting flowering. from spring to autumn .

The very pretty pink-purple, blue or white spikes, depending on the species, remain in place and will continue to adorn the beautiful dark green leaves for much of the winter.

Its effect bushy and its character decorative will be particularly suitable for your borders, flowerbeds but also for your pots and tubs for your terrace.

Shrubby Speedwell is resistant to cold and frost down to about -10°. But it is more fragile in the first years after planting.

Varieties of shrubby Veronics : 

  • Andersonii: Most common variety, it has beautiful purple spikes of flowers.
  • Vernicosa: This is a variety with white flowers and smaller leaves.
  • Hebe pinguifolia: Another white-flowered variety, it blooms in early summer.

By associating the shrubby speedwell with a small hedge of boxwood you create a persistent massif with a very beautiful look.