: Polianthes tuberosa
Family  Asparagaceae
Type  Bulbous

 50 to 100 cm
Exhibition  : Sunny
Sol  Sandy

Flowering  September-October

Planting the tuberose planter

Preferably in April or May, about 3/4 cm deep.

Keep a spacing of 10/15 cm between each bulb and create colour patches by grouping them in groups of ten in the same place.

Size of tuberose

Remove the stems of wilted flowers as they come in.

About the tuberose

This very pretty bulbous cultivated like an annual, appreciates the heat and will open out only by a temperature higher than 18°.
It is therefore useless to take out your tuberoses in a pot before May.

This tropical plant will also look great in a bouquet with foliage.