The hedge: flowered, varied or persistent?


The hedge often marks the boundary of the property and is usually the first project you have for your garden.

But the creation of a hedge, whether flowering, persistent or varied, often poses the problem of the choice of shrubs.

There are a multitude of them and not all of them are necessarily adapted to hedge cultivation.

The single-species hedge, on the other hand, is tending to disappear. These alignments of shrubs ended up looking like real walls of greenery with a slightly sad aspect and ended up giving reason to the varied, persistent or flowered hedges.

Find here, for each type of hedge, our selection of the most beautiful shrubs.

The hedge that blooms all year round

pink and yellow The flowered hedge is undoubtedly the one that will give you the most satisfaction in terms of aesthetics.

Having flowers throughout the year also has the advantage of attracting many birds and insects that help protect your garden from disease.

Not all flowering shrubs are evergreen, but this is quickly forgotten when the first blossoms decorate and embalm the garden as soon as spring arrives.

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The evergreen hedge (which does not shed its leaves)

haie persistante The persistent hedge has many advantages, but the main one is that it remains hidden from prying eyes throughout the year.

In terms of maintenance, a simple pruning is enough. For those who like clean gardens and consider leaf collection a chore, no leaves to pick up.

This hedge, if it is not monoculture ( only 1 type of shrub ) can even become very beautiful if you choose the right shrubs…

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A free and varied hedge, the compromise?

haie-variee It is a good compromise between the flowering hedge and the evergreen hedge.

The arrangement of the shrubs in 2 rows allows you to hide from the neighbour or the road while enjoying a wide choice of shrubs, flowering, deciduous or evergreen.

The varied hedge is also the one that best protects nature because each shrub is resistant to one or other disease. It is the hedge that best promotes the ecosystem in a garden.

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The hedge that protects nature…

haie de jardin Did you know that a hedge not only has the advantage of protecting us from looks, wind and noise?

By encouraging a multiplicity of species, you also reduce the risk of diseases and pests spreading in your garden.

The hedge therefore has major advantages in terms of establishing a good ecosystem in its garden.

Don’t be afraid to multiply varieties and species, nature will be delighted…

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