The Flexi Spray, an ingenious sprinkler system


You water your plants, vegetables or lawn in the summer, so you certainly like to take care of your plants.

But you’re tired of changing tips or not having the right one. both to the fragility of certain flowers and vegetables and to the wide open spaces of your lawn, here’s a product made for you!

Thanks to an ingenious lance system, Flexi Spray provides a solution to your watering problems …

A clever product, Flexi Spray HOZELOCK

With the new Flexi Spray, there’s no more need to strain or contort yourself to water, no more need to change the nozzle depending on the watering job. HOZELOCK This is the assurance of easy and comfortable watering with always the right nozzle at hand. The special feature of Flexi Spray lies in the flexibility of its (patented) shape memory lance. Ingenious and malleable, this terminal twists and bends to all watering ideas, allowing each user to create their own watering solution.

A combination of pistol, long-range lance, sprinkler and shower, Flexi Spray is an innovative all-in-one tool. It allows the user, thanks to the combination of its malleable lance with shape memory and the multi-jet head, to ensure a multitude of applications. A wire inside the hose allows the lance to be shaped as desired.

By twisting the Flexi Spray lance, it instantly transforms into a sprinkler that covers up to 69 m2 of lawn. By straightening the lance, Flexi Spray allows you to reach heights effortlessly. By bending its head and hanging it on a branch or fence, it turns into a shower.