Sunpatiens: culture and care tips


The sunpatiens is the answer finally found to all those who love impatiens and would like to put them in the sun!

You will be able to decorate your flowerbeds, tubs and planters in the sun for many months.

In summary, what you need to know is:

Name  : Sunpatiens ®
Family  Balsaminaceae
Type  : Perennial indoors, annual outdoors

Height  approx. 40 cm
Exhibition  : Sun and half-shade
Sol  : Ordinary

Flowering  May to September

Planting the sunpatiens®.

The planting of sunpatiens ® purchased in buckets is carried out in the spring.

Prefer the sun or possibly the light shade. The soil must be well drained and humus-rich
Plant several plants in the same spot about 40 cm apart to create a beautiful lining effect

Then mix your soil with potting soil flowering plants and water regularly in summer for abundant flowering.

Maintenance, size of the sunpatiens ®

Maintenance of the sunpatiens ® is very easy and no pruning is necessary.

Water regularly in case of high heat. A supply of fertilizer for flowering plants will stimulate flowering but is not essential

In a planter or container, for more aesthetics and in order to stimulate the appearance of new flowers, you can remove faded flowers as you go along.

About the sunpatiens ®

Both decorative and colourful These perennials or annuals flower remarkably well in flowerbeds and window boxes.

Maintenance is easy and it grows quickly.

Don’t be surprised if your sunpatiens ® do not do not grow back year after year. for they fear the cold . They will spend the winter only where the climate is mild.

However, you will be able to cultivate the sunpatiens ® potted to get them inside your house during the coldest months. In this case, reduce the watering to once a month during the winter resting period

Enemy and sunpatient disease ®

Not very sensitive to parasites and diseases, impatiens are nevertheless attacked by red spiders and aphids.

If any holes appear on the foliage of sunpatiens ®, beware of slugs as they are fond of this type of plant and must be treated quickly.

During the flowering period, do not hesitate to water your sunpatiens regularly but without excess in order to maintain a good level of humidity.