Sowing in place: the technique


Whether for vegetables or certain species of flowers, sowing in place or in the ground is very easy to do.

It is carried out in the spring after any risk of frost has passed and during the summer for most autumn vegetables.

Sowing in place

  1. Start with clean up where you want to sow by removing all weeds, stones and roots from the soil. In the case of a lawn, it is recommended that the soil be ploughed with a tiller.

  2. Crumble the soil once it has been cleaned to lighten it.

  3. Bring some organic material The soil amendment is based on manure and algae and is incorporated into the soil.

  4. Scratch the floor to loosen it properly.

  5. Drive with a roller without packing the soil down too much.

  6. Cover with a special sowing soil (not necessary if it is a lawn).

  7. Tassez lightly with the back of the rake.

  8. Sprinkle generously.

Seeding ideas in place

  • Vegetables : Beetroot , carrot , cabbage , lettuce , onion , bean , chives chew, turnip Thyme, thyme, sorrel , parsley or the radishes.
  • Flowers: morning glory , morning glory , nasturtium , chrysanthemum clarkia, clarkia, cobée, coloquinte, poppy , coreopsis , cosmos, eschscholzia, delphinium , Gaillarde , gypsophile , impatience Lin, flax, marigold , poppy , sweet pea , purslane , rudbeckia or worries or sunflower can be sown in the ground.