Periwinkle of Madagascar: cultivation and maintenance advice

Pervenche de Madagascar

The Madagascar periwinkle is a herbaceous plant native to the island whose name it bears.

It offers a very pretty flowering in summer.

In summary, what you need to know is:

Name  : Vinca rosea
Family  :  Apocynaceae
Type  : Shrub

 0.25 to 0.5 m
Exhibition  : Sunny
Sol  Well drained

Foliage  : Persistent (in warm climate)
Flowering  May to October-November

Planting of the Madagascar periwinkle

Outdoor cultivation of the Madagascar periwinkle :

The Madagascar periwinkle is native to the island of Madagascar and therefore to a region with a tropical climate.

  1. She and therefore needs a  temperature of 20 ° to grow up well.
  2. For cultivation in the open air, a climate  warm summer and winter  is necessary and planting will be done  in the spring .

But the Madagascar periwinkle can be cultivated as an annual from May to October without any difficulty.

  1. Prefer a sunny place.
  2. Mix the soil in your garden with compost.
  3. Water only if the plant shows signs of dehydration as it is resistant to arid environments.

Potted culture of the periwinkle of Madagascar :

For the  pot cultivation of the Madagascar periwinkle it is recommended to  repot every 1 to 2 years preferably  in the spring .

The pot provided at the time of purchase will quickly be too small so plan a quick repotting of your Madagascar periwinkle outside of flowering time.

  • Find our advice for  repot your plant well. 

Pruning and maintenance of the periwinkle of Madagascar

If you grow the Madagascar periwinkle outdoors as an annual, the plant will simply have to be removed as soon as the first frosts arrive (it will have no chance of surviving the winter)

If you grow the  Madagascar periwinkle indoors and in pots To stimulate flowering and contain growth, it will need to be pruned regularly.

Remove the wilted flowers of the Madagascar periwinkle as you go along to stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

  • Prune lightly in early spring in order to  promote flowering .
  • Pruning can take place at the time of repotting.

Pot cultivation of the Madagascar periwinkle 

Choose one  bright location  for your Madagascar periwinkle but without direct sunlight behind glass.

  • Avoid proximity to a heat source such as a radiator.
  • Protect it from the sun’s rays in the hottest hours if it is behind glass.

Water evenly  but not excessively so as not to asphyxiate the roots.

Finally, get your shrub out of  May to October  so that he can enjoy the outside air.

Potted, the Madagascar periwinkle needs  high humidity  and will appreciate being placed on a bed of gravel or clay logs that is always wet to recreate the conditions of its natural environment.

Madagascar periwinkle after flowering :

The classic flowering period of the Madagascar periwinkle is from May to October.

  • Then, it is advisable to winter your plant by putting it in a cooler but brighter room.
  • The  optimal temperature  is around 20-21° in summer and 10-15° in winter.
  • Limit watering to a minimum and stop all fertilizer application.

Diseases and problems in the periwinkle of Madagascar 

If the  leaves of the Madagascar periwinkle turn yellow It is very often due to a cold or lack of water.

  1. Protect your Madagascar periwinkle from draughts and regularly spray water on its foliage.

If a  whitish heap  appears on the leaves of your Madagascar periwinkle, like a fluffy down, they are cochineals.

  1. Follow our advice to  scale insect treatment .

The Madagascar periwinkle can be subject to  mites like red spiders .

  1. Follow our tips for  fight red spiders well

A special organic fertilizer for flowering plants will improve flowering.