Pavier blanc

Aesculus parviflora - Pavier blanc

Name  : Aesculus parviflora
Family  : Sapindaceae
Type  : Shrub

 : 2 m
Exhibition  : Sunny or semi-shade
Sol  : Ordinary, well drained

 Null and void
Flowering  June to August

Planting the white paving stone

Preferably in the fall.
Follow our advice to shrub planting .

Size of the white paving stone

No size is necessary.

To reduce or balance the antler, intervene especially in the spring.

A knowledge on the white paving stone

The white pavilion is actually a chestnut shrub that has about the same foliage and flower characteristics as its elder.

It is therefore easy to grow and maintain and will find its place in shrubbery as well as in isolation.
In the first case, it will have to be given a large space because it can reach a wingspan of up to 8 m!

To prevent it from becoming too large, remove suckers as they appear.

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