Name  : Pachysandra terminalis
Family  Buxaceae
Type  : Perennial

 20 to 30 cm
Exhibition  : Half-shade and shadow
Sol  : Ordinary, rather rich

 : Persistent
Flowering  May to July

Planting the pachysandra

It is best to plant in the fall or spring avoiding frost periods.
Choose a shady or semi-shady spot because this plant is afraid of too much sun.

The plant will multiply by itself, but you can also divide the clump in the spring.

Size of the pachysandra

If you feel that the plant is growing too much, you can remove a few shoots by cutting at the tracer roots without damaging it.

Watering the pachysandra

This plant needs moisture. Water in case of high heat and in the winter period.

A knowledge about pachysandra

The Pachysandra does not exceed 30 cm in height and its development is rapid, making it an excellent ground cover.
Its flowering offers pretty white and green spikes discreetly perfumed, but is not very generous.

The Pachysandra is ideal for undergrowth, borders, as well as for cultivation in pots or planters.