Ornamental tobacco


Name  Nicotiana
Family  Solanacea
Type  : Perennial

 50 to 150 cm
Exhibition  : Sunny, semi-shade and shade
Sol  : Ordinary

Flowering  June to September

Ornamental tobacco planting

Ornamental tobacco is planted in April if bought in a bucket, by mixing your soil with potting soil and possibly with an organic amendment such as manure and seaweed.

If you sow, prefer a sheltered seeding in the month of March, transplant when the first leaves come out and put in place in May in a soil enriched with good compost and an organic amendment such as manure and algae…

Ornamental tobacco size

Remove wilted flowers as you go.

Comments on ornamental tobacco

This perennial has a generous flowering throughout the summer. In a bed, border or even in a window box, this plant guarantees an abundance of flowers and a unique fragrance.

Ornamental tobacco will also find its perfect place in a vase within a bouquet.

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