Name  : Leucojum
Family  : Alliaceae
Type  : Flower, bulbous

 20 to 50 cm
Exhibition  : Half-shade
Sol  : Ordinary

 Null and void
Flowering  January to October according to species .

Planting of the snow levee

In the autumn for the Summer Leveolus (leucojum aestivum) and for the Spring Leveolus (leucojum vernum).
In early summer for Autumn Levels (fall leucojum)

Follow our bulb planting tips

Size of the snow level

Remove wilted flowers as you go.

Cut short after flowering and after letting the foliage turn yellow.

A knowledge about snow levelling

This small bulbous plant native to the Mediterranean basin has pretty little white bells and also beautiful foliage.

This charming flower is close to the snowdrop, but blooms later.

The different species practically allow flowering throughout the year.

Don’t plant all the bulbs on the same day, but do it 2 or 3 times at 15-day intervals, so you will have several flowering periods.