: Tradescantia
Family  Commelinaceae
Type  : Perennial

 20 to 50 cm
Exhibition  : Sunny or semi-shade
Sol  : Ordinary, rather fresh

 : Persistent
Flowering  May to September

Planting misery

It doesn’t matter whether it’s fall or spring.
Choose a place that’s not too hot.

Multiplication by tuft division or seedling in place in the spring.

Size of misery

Remove wilted flowers as you go.

To know about misery

Misery, although it has an unhappy name, offers a pretty summer bloom.
Its petals are azure blue, pink, white or purple depending on the variety, and blend perfectly with the evergreen foliage.

This plant is waterlogged, making it one of the most drought-resistant plants and is said to be named after it.

Very easy to maintain, you will install it in suspension but also in a solid or along a support to make it climb.

In order to keep some soil moisture, remember to straw the foot of the tree in summer.