Manure: planting, maintenance (white, purple, yellow)

It is an ideal groundcover plant that is loved as much for its pretty summer bloom as for its beautiful evergreen foliage.

Whether it is white, purple or yellow, it is also a perfect plant to decorate an undergrowth.

In summary, what you need to know is:

Name  : Lamium maculatum
Family  : Lamiaceae
Type  : Perennial

 20 to 30 cm
Exhibition  : Sunny to shady
Sol  : Rich and well drained

 Null and void
Flowering  April to June

Planting the cutter bar

The spur gear is planted without preference in the spring or fall and ideally in cool and rather shady ground .

  • Good garden soil is very suitable for the cutter bar.
  • Although the lamium maculatum sun tolerant it will be necessary to plant the lamium galeobdelon in the shade
  • Space each plant at least 40 cm apart, as the cutter bar quickly expands.
  • Multiplication by cuttings in the summer.

Maintenance of the cutter bar

In terms of maintenance, this plant is very easy to grow and requires almost no care.

No pruning is necessary, but it can be useful in the spring if the plant becomes invasive.

We’ll just have to settle for limit its extent at downright flawless without risk to the plant.

About the cutter bar

Nicknamed red nettle, it is also sometimes called white nettle because its flowers can be white, purple or pink depending on the variety. Some species (Lamium amplexicaule) are even considered weeds.

The foliage, variegated grey or purple and evergreen, is certainly one of the greatest assets of the cutter bar.

Its speed of propagation makes it an excellent ground cover that you will install on edges, slopes and even in shady areas, under a tree or a hedge of shrubs for example.

Diseases and parasites affecting the cutter bar

The cutter bars are fairly resistant to disease but can be attacked by aphids slugs, slugs and snails.

If the plant becomes too invasive, do not hesitate to remove a few shoots.