Gardening: Fall Work Guide

travaux automne jardin jardinage

Harvesting, cleaning, sowing, planting… Focus on the work to be done in the garden before the arrival of winter.

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In the vegetable garden in the fall

The time of the last harvest has come for many fruits and vegetables. In case of surpluses, it will be necessary to be active in the kitchen to make jams, compotes, sauces, jars … or freeze everything! Root vegetables and leafy vegetables can stay in the ground, but make sure to store pears, apples, potatoes and cucurbits in a frost-free, cool and dry place.

Take advantage of the free beds in the vegetable garden to aerate the soil with an organic fork, add manure or compost and then sow a green manure or straw. The idea is not to leave the soil bare to prevent it from being washed away by the rains and limit weed growth.

If you want to enjoy the vegetables in the garden in winter, this is the time to sow winter salads, turnips, cabbage, leeks… and plant the strawberry plants for next summer.

In the ornamental garden in autumn

A major clean-up operation on the lawn, in the flower beds and alleys! Throughout the fall, you will have to pick up the dead leaves to be recycled in the compost or in the form of mulch . Autumn is also the time to take out the tools to prune trees, shrubs and hedges. Once they are shredded, branches and green waste can be used as mulch or to enrich the compost.

In the massifs, autumn is the right season for prune your roses and plant new ones. This is also the time to plant the spring bulbs and to sow biennials and some annuals such as the thoughts s, the poppies and the nigella.

Before the first cold winters, you will need to tuck in or protect your planters and pots from freezing. Pelargoniums and summer bulbs can be stored in the cellar. Plants of Mediterranean or exotic origin ( bougainvillea , oleander , olive tree , citrus , cacti etc.) will spend the winter in a frost-free room with a window.

In the orchard in the fall

In addition to fruit harvesting and tree pruning, autumn is the season for planting fruit trees. Proceed in November, at St. Catherine’s Day, where, as the saying goes, “every tree takes root”. Plant your bare-rooted trees in a wide hole with a stake. Prick out the roots, cover with soil, water to prevent air bubbles and mulch. The grafting point should be at ground level.

If your trees have been diseased, you can apply preventive treatment at the Bordeaux mixture right after their leaves have fallen. Repeat application in the spring, before the first buds appear.

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