Fruiting size

Fruit pruning has an important role in the development of your fruit tree and in the control of its production.

Although it is not indispensable, it is recommended when you want a higher yield.

When to perform fruiting pruning?

The best period is in the middle of winter, outside of the frosty periods.
For apple trees , the pear trees , the peach trees and the apricot trees , It is best to prune before vegetation resumes in February.

Which technique should be used for a fruiting size?

This pruning is obviously only used on formed trees and not on young trees.
It must therefore have a solid frame.

Begin by removing dead branches, intertwining branches and damaged wood. Remove any old fruit that may have been left on the branches. The fruit tree must be thinned after cleaning,
To do this, remove all branches growing towards the inside of the tree. They are useless and can alter the fruiting process.

Finally, prune the main branches as you walk around the tree. Without changing the silhouette,

You cut off the ends, taking care to leave at least 3 eyes.
You prune over an outward facing bud to avoid new growth inward.