Fern: indoor or outdoor


The fern is a pretty perennial and evergreen plant with many varieties.

Outdoors or indoors, it is easy to maintain and grow.

Name  : Dryopteris
Family  : Dryoperidaceae
Type  : Perennial and house plant, green plant

 30 to 120 cm
Exhibition  : Shadow and half-shadow
Sol  : Ordinary

 : Persistent

Planting the fern

As a houseplant, you can perform the repotting throughout the year.

Then use a suitable potting soil and put a bed of clay balls at the bottom to improve drainage.

  • Outdoors, repot in the spring.

Size of the fern

Cut off the dried or yellowed leaves as you go.

About the fern

Ferns have the particularity to be persistent, but also to dress our walls and thus keep them fresh all year round.
The plant is so attached to its support that it is difficult to remove it.

As a houseplant, you will choose it for its beautiful foliage and ease of maintenance.

Only an application of organic green plant fertilizer is required once or twice a year.

Indoors and outdoors, avoid overly sunny exposures.

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