Name  : Erythrina
Family  Fabaceae
Type  : Shrub

 3 to 6 m
Exhibition  : Sunny
Sol  : Rich enough

 Null and void
Flowering  May to August

Planting Erytrin

It is recommended to plant in the spring.

Consult our planting tips and choose a sunny spot. Prefer a pot or tub culture, especially if the temperatures fall below -7° in winter.

Tuck them in if you have to.

Size of Erytrin

No pruning is necessary in the early years.

You can then prune the previous year’s shoots in the spring.

Comments on Erytrin

Incredible shrub with flowers as magnificent as they are original, Erytrin adapts very well to our Mediterranean climates. Coral red in colour, it will particularly colour your garden throughout the summer.

It is important to water it regularly, but not excessively as soon as it starts to get hot.

In the field, it is important to straw the base of the tree to protect its roots from the cold.

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