Eenothere, Missouri Evening Primrose

Name  : Oenothera
Family  : Onagracées
Type  : Flower, perennial

 : 15 cm to 1 m depending on species
Exhibition  : Sunny
Sol  Light, well drained

Flowering  June to September

Plantation of the wine garden, Missouri evening primrose

No preference in spring or fall. Prefer a light soil and a sunny but not too hot situation.

Multiplication by division of the clump in the spring.

Size of the wine garden, Missouri evening primrose

Cut as short as possible in the autumn, after flowering.

A knowledge about the wine cellar, Missouri evening primrose…

A very pretty perennial with brilliant blooms, the oenothere also gives a lot of light to your flowerbeds, your borders and your window boxes.

The cultivation of this plant remains very easy.
Watering in hot weather may be necessary if you feel it is running out of water.

For larger varieties, allow sufficient space between each plant.