Boxwood: for an always chic garden or terrace

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Green all year round, boxwood reminds one of the elegance of French gardens. As a border to structure the garden or as an isolated plant with a worked shape, it is making a remarkable comeback.

A time reserved for the topiaries of the castles, the boxwood is today of all sets. It is often found in pots, in the form of a neat ball designed to decorate the balconies of city dwellers in need of greenery. It must be said that in addition to remaining bright all year round, boxwood is also very resistant to pollution.

In the garden, it can be installed along paths, surrounds the vegetable garden and flower beds, or gives rhythm to the lawn with its varied shapes: ball, pyramid, obelisk, spiral… It goes very well with old roses, clematis, honeysuckle and light flowers such as lavender.

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Try your hand at topiary art

What makes boxwood so suitable for topiary art is its dense, slow-growing evergreen foliage (10 cm per year).  This slowness explains the high price of pruned boxwood: it takes about 5 years to obtain a ball and a good ten years for a pyramid!

Unless you are patient, it is better to invest in a boxwood that is a few years old and already pruned. This way, you will only have to even it out at the end of winter and summer. On a balcony, remember to turn its pot regularly to encourage harmonious growth.

If you wish to sculpt an uncut subject, be aware that a round shape is easier to achieve than a straight line. Use a half-moon cardboard template or chopsticks to guide your shears. If you want a more eccentric shape, there are models of animals in wire mesh to be inserted in your boxwood before cutting out what protrudes.

Good boxwood care

The boxwood supports all land, provided it is well drained. Plant in spring or fall, in mid-shade, and mulch in summer. If it is a border, place your plants close together (20 cm apart) to compensate for their poor growth.

In a pot, plant it in a balanced mixture of potting soil, garden soil and sand. Water regularly and add fertiliser in the spring.

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