Bindweed, day beauty: sowing, maintenance, flowering


Bindweed is often regarded as an invasive plant, but it is still a very pretty flower.

In summary, what you need to know is:

Name  : Convolvulus sepium
Family  : Convolvulaceae
Type  : Perennial or annual

 20 to 80 cm
Exhibition  : Sunny
Sol  : Ordinary

Flowering  June to October

Bindweed plantation, daylight

Bindweed, annual day beauty:

The annual bindweed is sown in early spring, from April onwards in regions with a fairly mild climate and in May, after the last frosts, elsewhere.

  • Bindweed needs sun and warmth but not scorching heat
  • Sowing directly in place
  • Water regularly after sowing, at least until emergence.

Bindweed, day beauty perennial:

It is recommended that perennial bindweed be planted in the spring.

  • These include Mauritania bindweed and field bindweed.

Bindweed maintenance

A creeping plant par excellence, bindweed tends to spread spectacularly without much effort on your part.

Some bindweed is more of a weed and the difficulty is often to get rid of it…

  • To fight against bindweed, avoid pulling it up during the flowering period so that it does not resow.

How to get rid of bindweed:

If you consider bindweed too invasive and unwanted in your garden, here’s how to get rid of it.

  • Bindweed likes compact land, so take advantage of this to turn it over regularly in depth.
  • Remove all the new shoots to slowly exhaust it.
  • If possible, cover the ground with film or even cardboard for a while to prevent the formation of new shoots.

Namely on the bindweed, belle de jour

Bindweed, or belle de jour, is a pretty plant with the characteristic flowers that gave it its name.
These open during the day and close again at night, while having a very limited life expectancy.

It is therefore the opposite of the morning glory
But don’t worry, they are constantly renewing themselves!

Their ability to propagate is amazing and you may even find it excessive at times.

Nevertheless, it has the advantage of being an excellent ground cover and of having a rather fast growth, it is perfect for wild gardens.

  • The bindweed is a very melliferous plant which makes it an ideal flower to have in the orchard.

The cuttings is very easy on daylight or bindweed.