Aucuba from Japan: planting, pruning and care tips

aucuba du japon

The Japanese aucuba is a very beautiful shrub, as pretty in summer as in winter with its pretty red berries.

In summary, what you need to know is:

Name  : Aucuba japonica
Family  Garryaceae
Type  : Shrub

Height  1 to 3 m
Exhibition  : Sun and shade
Sol  : Ordinary but fresh

Foliage  : Persistent –  Flowering  : November to April

Maintenance, from planting to pruning the aucuba, will allow you to improve its growth and development.

Planting of the aucuba of Japon

L aucuba is one of the shrubs that have not yet been cultivated. no need for a lot of sunshine to grow and which lends itself perfectly to shady places.

Give priority to the s autumn to plant it and keep a spacing between each plant of 80 to 100 cm if you are using a plant hedgerow .

For a spring planting If you have to use the watering system, don’t forget to water generously at the beginning to facilitate the recovery.

  • Follow the advice of plantation of Clever Gardening.

If you want to multiply your aucuba, the best way is by cutting.

Size and maintenance of aucuba

In hedges , prefer a size of aucuba in the spring, at the end of flowering.

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In isolation no size is necessary, but you will be able to balance or reduce the antler in the spring

aucuba japonica Avoid pruning it in the fall at all costs. because you will also suppress the appearance of pretty little berries that remain on the shrub throughout the winter.

The aucuba does not fear pruning very much and can even be pruned severely if necessary, it has every chance of starting again, even from the stump.

Maintenance of the aucuba :

The aucuba is a shrub that is both easy to care for and requires very little care.

It is resistant to most diseases, resists well to frost as well as high temperatures.

About Japan aucuba

Aucuba du japon This shrub is a a must in our gardens . It has the double advantage of keeping its pretty variegated leaves throughout the year, as well as its berries, small red balls throughout the winter.

The aucuba is 2 to 3 meters high in our climate but aucubas can be up to 4 or 5 meters high in its original climate.

Red berries are only borne by female aucubas, so it is not uncommon to wonder why her aucuba does not produce red berries.

Note that these berries are good for birds but are not edible for humans, even toxic . In case of ingestion, it is recommended that you notify the nearest poison control center.

Its rusticity makes it a highly disease resistant shrub as well as pollution if you live in the city.

Fruiting only takes place if you put a male and a female foot next to each other.

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Sergei Timofeev