Alaterne, Buckthorn

Name  : Rhamnus alternus
Family  : Rhamnacées
Type  : Shrub

 3 to 5 m
Exhibition  : Sunny and semi-shade
Sol  : Ordinary

 : Persistent
Flowering  March to May

Planting of Alaterna, Buckthorn

Preferably in the spring.
If you plant in the fall, you risk restricting its good development and thus its recovery, especially if the winter becomes harsh.

Alaterna size, Buckthorn

If your Alaterne becomes invasive, do not hesitate to trim it; it will not suffer from it.
Follow our advice to bush size

Comments on the alaterne, Nerprun

L Alaterne is easy to grow and requires no special maintenance. Its flowering is not spectacular, but it has the advantage of offering pretty little black drupes at the end of the summer.

Be careful though! because these drupes, which may look like fruit to children, are poisonous.