Royal Couscous: recipe, vegetables, meat and spices


Couscous is a delicious dish, traditional in North Africa, and so popular everywhere else.

Rich in vegetables and flavour, here it is served with lamb, chicken and merguez.

Ingredients for 6 persons :

Vegetables and spices for couscous .

The meat for the couscous:

Depending on the taste, the meat can be varied or mixed differently for the couscous even though the traditional recipe calls for lamb, chicken and merguez.

400 gr boneless lamb shoulder 6 chicken legs 6 merguez

Recipe for Royal Couscous :

The success of the Royal Couscous recipe also lies in a good choice of seasonal vegetables.

Peel all the vegetables, wash them and also cut them into medium cubes. Sweat the onions in olive oil and add the vegetables for about 2 minutes. Cover the vegetables with the chicken broth. Add tomato paste Leave to cook for about 30 minutes, keeping a slight boil. Then add the chickpeas and saffron.

Please note  If you like the lightly candied lamb It is best to start browning it before cooking the vegetables and then continue cooking it with the vegetables.

Preparation of the meat :

Start by cutting the lamb into equal pieces (about 4 cm sides). Fry the lamb in olive oil to brown the pieces well. Then do the same with the chicken Add the paprika and cook for 10 minutes. Put in the oven for 15 minutes Cook the merguez at the last minute on the grill.

Preparation of the semolina :

For the semolina, one glass of semolina is usually enough for 2 people.

Boil 1 part water to 1 part semolina. You can season the water with Ras el hanout… Pour the water over the semolina and cover before serving for 10 minutes.

How to serve couscous:

The ideal is to use a couscous or tagine dish.

The semolina is then placed at the bottom We place the pieces of meat on top We finally put the vegetables around

Decoration is also a matter of envy and taste, which you should not deprive yourself of to make your creativity work…

The couscous can be accompanied by harrissa, but beware, it stings!

Enjoy your meal!

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