Risotto with foie gras milk

risotto lait de foie gras

An Italian dish par excellence, risotto has become an essential part of gastronomy. Here is a delicious recipe for risotto with foie gras milk.

Ingredients for 4 people 

150 g Carnaroli rice 1.5 l whole milk 1 knob of butter 1 pinch of cilantro ground 1 pinch of ginger powdered 200 g of foie gras fresh (a nice escalope in short) 2 shallots 15 cl of well reduced veal juice

Recipe for risotto with foie gras milk

Heat the milk with a little salt and spices.

In a casserole,

Sweat the finely chopped shallots without colouring them, Add the rice, stir for a long time and then pour in 20 cl of warm milk, Cook over a low heat, stirring very regularly, Add another 20 cl of milk when the first quantity is absorbed.

In a hot pan,

Place the escalope of foie gras seasoned with salt and pepper. Brown it on both sides and leave it to rest for a few moments before blending it in 30 cl milk. Strain through a strainer and stir in the risotto.

The risotto is cooked for about 20 minutes and is served “al’onda”, which means so soft that a wave forms when the plate is tilted.

Set up the risotto in small Japanese bowls and drizzle with a well reduced fillet of veal juice.

Recipe by Sonia Ezgulian