Lemon mousse: light and creamy recipe

Mousses citron vert

Accompanied by fruit or a delicious crumble, this lemon mousse brings freshness and smoothness.

Preparation  15 min
Repos  : 1 h

Ingredients for 4 people :

1 untreated lemon (yellow or green) 100 g mascarpone 10 cl full cream 40 g egg whites 40 g sugar

Lemon Mousse

Wash the skin of the lemon, remove the peel and recover the juice.

Using a mixer, mix the mascarpone and cream until the texture resembles cottage cheese. Discard in a salad bowl, add the zest (keep some for dressing) and lemon juice. Beat the egg whites until stiff and add the sugar little by little. Stir the egg whites into the above mixture. Dress with a few lemon zests. Serve chilled.

Tips :

You can eat this mousse with fruit, crumble…

Recipe: N. Le Moal, Photo: A. Beauvais – F. Hamel

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