Green Tomato Jam


Green Tomato Jam is a delicious recipe and a useful way to make the most of tomatoes that haven’t had time to ripen.

Often carried out in the autumn at the end of the harvest, You can also make this recipe as early as spring when the first green tomatoes appear.

From harvesting to potting, follow our advice to make a success of your green tomato and lemon jam.

Ingredients :

2kg green tomatoes, firm 1.5kg crystal sugar 1 lemon

1 apple

Preparation time for the green tomato and lemon jam :

Preparation time  :

30 min approx.
12 to 24 hours of maceration

Cooking time  :
20-25 min

This is an original recipe but it is possible to add other fruits, spices or aromas that you will choose according to your tastes and so you can let us know in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Recipe for green tomato and lemon jam

Preferably choose firm green tomatoes Wash thoroughly your green tomatoes in cold water without damaging them, then drain them to remove the remaining water. Then dry them in a clean cloth.

Prepare the fruit for maceration:

It’s a important landmark because the thinner the fruit is sliced, the better the jam will be.

Peel the apple, remove the seeds and cut it into very thin slices. Wash the lemon and chop it Remove the stalks of the green tomatoes and any damaged parts. Also cut the green tomatoes into very thin slices. In a container, superimpose the slices of green tomatoes, apple and lemon by adding the sugar on every floor .

Let stand 1 2 to 24 h in the fridge by covering it with stretch film.

12 to 24 hours later:

Place in a large copper basin, pot or other large container such as a casserole or large saucepan. Bring to a boil and keep it boiling for about 20 minutes, stirring constantly, especially if your container tends to stick. Blend the mixture coarsely enough to keep the fruit pieces. Then reduce the heat to minimum for 5 minutes.

Make sure that the green tomato jam is well cooked:

To make sure the fruit is cooked properly, pour one tablespoon into a cold plate and see if she freezes. If it does, your jam is ready.

The potting:

Soak your jars in boiling water for a few minutes to sterilize them. Fill them with the green tomato and lemon jam, close and turn the jars upside down. Leave to rest for a few minutes and then let them cool down gently and right side up.

Notice to comments and variations of green tomato and lemon jams!

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