Fish kabobs with yogurt and ginger sauce

Brochette poisson sauce yaourt gingembre

Delicious and greedy, this recipe for Fish Kebabs with Yoghurt and Ginger Sauce is also quick and easy to make.

Ingredients for 4 people :

2 stirred yoghurts 1 piece of ginger 2 fillets of olive oil 1/2 broccoli Some cherry tomatoes 600 g fish duo (salmon, cod, etc.) 1 tbsp. sesame seeds A few leaves of lettuce Ssal, freshly ground pepper

– In a bowl, pour the yoghurt, grated ginger and a drizzle of olive oil.

Add salt and pepper. Mix and book in the cooler.

Wash and pre-cook the broccoli in the pressure cooker or steam it (be careful, it must remain firm).

Go to skewers: place a cherry tomato, a piece of fish, a piece of broccoli and another piece of fish. Season them and sprinkle them with sesame seeds (make them bigger if you like).

– In a frying pan, pour the remaining oil and cook the fish skewers quickly.

– Arrange the washed salad, skewers and a small ramekin of sauce on plates.

To be eaten immediately.

B.A .ba of the chief

It is possible to replace ginger with yellow lemon zest. You can also add spices to this recipe (tandoori, raz el hanout…).

Recipe: A. Beauvais, Photo: F. Hamel