Blackberry Jell-O: The Recipe


The blackberry jelly is a recipe that will perfectly accompany your breakfast but also some dishes in sauce.

easy to make, follow our advice from picking to potting to make your blackberry jelly a success. Clever jam with the products of your garden…. Why not with ripe  !

Ingredients :

  • 3 kilos of blackberries
  • 2 kilos of sugar, preferably “special jam”.
  • A lemon

Blackberry Jelly Recipe

Preparing the blackberries :

  • Remove any tails remaining attached to the fruit. Wash the blackberries in cold water to remove any dust or foreign matter, then drain them.

  • Use a large basin for cooking. Put the blackberries in it with a glass and a half of water. Don’t hesitate to add the fruits that are not ripe enough because their more abundant pectin will help your jelly to “set” well. Let them boil for five minutes until the fruits have given all their juice, are split and almost cooked.

Cooking blackberry jelly

  • Remove the mixture from the heat and drain it using an airy muslin cloth or (best of all!) a small press.

  • Weigh the resulting mixture and put it back into the well-cleaned bowl.

  • Add the sugar ( 1 kilo of sugar for 900 gr. of mixture )

  • Resume cooking, stirring constantly until it boils. Leave to cook for about five minutes, stirring very frequently and removing the scum, which you will give a preview to the little gourmands.

  • The test of a good cooking is done by pouring a drop of jelly on a cooled plate in the freezer. The drop that freezes will tell you that the cooking is complete.

  • Pour into the previously boiled jars. Close them immediately and place them upside down before turning them over for storage. If your jars are without lids, you can also wait until they cool down, pour in melted paraffin and then cover them with a small square of decorated fabric that you will hold in place with a rubber band.

  • In any case, your jelly jars will then remind you of your grandmother’s richly stocked gourmet cupboards.

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