Apple and lime jelly: the delicious recipe


A delicious autumn and winter recipe, this apple and lime jam, both citrus-flavoured and full of freshness, is quick and easy to make.

Ingredients for 5 jars :

1 kg of apples 1 kg of limes 1.6 kg of sugar for jams 1 lemon.

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Apple and lime jelly

> Wash the apples, quarter them, then cut the quarters in half.

> Pour 1 litre of water and the juice of the lemon into a jam basin, then add the apples.

> Cook 45 min, until apples are tender.

> Drain the apples through a colander and recover the juice obtained after 2 hours.

> Depending on the quantity of juice, add sugar (1.6 kg for 1.3 kg of juice).

> Squeeze the juice of the limes and add it to the mixture.

> Cook for 5 to 7 minutes, over high heat, stirring.

> Put in scalded and dried jars.

Photo credit: Cedus