Heat wave and heat: avoiding heat stroke in dogs

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With summer periods getting hotter and hotter, our dog friends are not immune to heat stroke.

Here’s how to help our four-legged friends spend the summer with peace of mind.

Body temperature in dogs

  • Humans have sweat glands all over their bodies. According to Dr. Alexis Carrel’s book The man this stranger “The sweat glands cover the skin with sweat, which evaporates and lowers the temperature of the skin.
  • Dogs have a few sweat glands only between the pads, which does not allow them to sweat. The heat makes them very vulnerable. To regulate their body temperature, dogs pant and produce more saliva to bring fresh air to their lungs.
  • Brachycephalic dogs (bulldogs, pugs, boxers…) have a mouth shape that does not allow sufficient air and saliva production. Masters must be doubly vigilant to avoid heatstroke.
  • Older dogs, overweight or with heart problems (King Charles rider, French bulldog) should be watched out for.

Avoiding heat stroke in dogs

  • Change your habits by walking your dog early in the morning or later in the evening to escape the heat wave.
  • Leave him with plenty of fresh water.
  • Wet it regularly with a damp towel or mister. Do not use ice water (risk of hydrocution).
  • Let him sleep in a cool, tiled room in your house.
  • Groom him. Avoid cutting the hair too short, because the hair is an insulator. Brush it well to remove dead hairs.
  • Turn on the air conditioning in your vehicle or open the windows slightly when transporting your pet.
  • Place an ice pack covered with a pillowcase in your dog’s bed (for non-destructive dogs).
  • Offer him shade in your garden and why not a tub with water.

Spotting a dog with heat stroke

  • Purple tongue.
  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Noisy panting and excessive drooling.

If your dog shows symptoms and you suspect heatstroke, you should cool him down as soon as possible and take him to your veterinarian. This is a life-threatening emergency. . He will place him on an IV infusion to eliminate toxins and limit damage to vital organs.

What does the law say if you see an endangered dog locked in a car?

Article 122-7 of the Criminal Code

“A person is not criminally liable if, in the face of present or imminent danger threatening himself, others or property, he performs an act necessary for the safeguarding of the person or property, unless there is a disproportion between the means employed and the seriousness of the threat. »

  • Call the gendarmerie and explain the circumstances. Then contact an animal association.
  • Find a witness who will speak for you.
  • If the situation becomes really critical, break the window and lead the animal to the shade. It is absolutely necessary to cool it down.

When the constables arrive, present your witness and the association will help you in the event of a complaint against you.

Unfortunately, every year many dogs die after dying in agony in an overheated car.

Useful purchases to refresh your dog : Refreshing carpet. Water bottle with integrated bowl for walks. Never let your dog walk on hot tar (burning of the pads). Beware of sunburn for naked, white or short-haired dogs. Some veterinarians recommend wearing light, white clothing or sunscreen.

To meditate on  Article in memory of Hulotte, adorable griffon Korthals, forgotten in a car. Nobody is safe from an accident. Let us remain vigilant.

L.D .